I was born and raised in Port Barre at the start of Bayou Teche in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. Here flavorful well-seasoned food is not just a family tradition, but a birth right handed down through generations dating back to when the first hardscrabble French Acadians began settling this region in 1765 — a decade before the American Revolution. By sharing with you the hand-crafted seasonings I have meticulously developed through the years, I am also sharing pride in my Cajun heritage, and my sincere desire that you too will create the same wonderful culinary memories in your own home, that have been a part of ours for more than 250 years. I want other people to experience the rich full flavor of Cajun Bait Seasoning! Cajun Bait Seasoning is set apart from other Cajun seasonings on the market becasue we bring a variety of REAL FLAVOR with only the best quality ingredients, not a bunch of cheap salt, and we do not use MSG in any of our products! My partner Marie and I work endlessly and very hard to build this compnay for our family and to share awesome flavor with everyone! We are very passionate when it comes to Cooking and Spices!  Cooking and family gatherings are a huge way of life here in Louisiana! I really hope y'all try and love our Cajun Bait Seasoning products as much as we do!!! Thank you all so very much for checking out our website!!! ~Shane Nezat ~ Creator of Cajun Bait Seasoning Products!!!